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QR Codes

QR Codes

QR codes make the seemingly complex simple.  When people scan QR codes using their smartphones or an online QR code decoder they are directly taken to your company’s special offer landing page or opt-in form on your website.

You already know all your customers use mobile phones and are  addicted to their mobile devices. Once you peak consumer’s interest and wow them with the decoded content of the image they can take you up on your offer…

You already know mobile users are three times more likely to buy products or services than PC users and mobile is on the verge of eclipsing the Internet.

You already know some companies are making billions in less than a year and mobile marketing is no longer option. You already know the  facts because QR codes are your ticket to implementation. Scan QR code to see for yourself…

qr codes

QR Codes make the seemingly complex simple.

Perhaps you were sleeping when it happened? It’s an amazing new marketing technology which has consumers totally mesmerized. It’s become viral, social, mobile and profitable. It drives foot traffic, web traffic and mobile traffic.

QR codes mean quick response, we’re talking 2D Barcodes or what many call QR Codes. While all your competitors are out to pasture, this could become your cash cow for 2012.

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